D&T Laboratory

The Design and Technology (D&T) laboratory is a place where everyone is welcome to explore, design, draw, make and test ideas and bring their imagination to life. There are several hands-on and minds-on games here. Though, the activities in the D&T lab appeal to diverse groups of people and age groups, it does not demand any formal scientific or mathematical proficiency.  While some activities are theoretically grounded in the research carried out at HBCSE and elsewhere, others are more exploratory in nature and promote creative pursuits. The displays in the lab go beyond mere demonstrations and are designed to engage students creative problem solving and expression. We have listed some of the activities which could typically be suitable for students of class 6-9. The activities could be done individually or in groups, depending on the classroom situation, with guidance from a teacher.

The following list of activities or “warm-up D&T exercises” are inspired and informed by the research carried out at HBCSE and other organisations¬†who have been working in the area of D&T education. Every effort has been made to duly credit and cite the sources that we have referred. All the pictures used have been clicked by us, or are from Public Domain/ Creative commons sources, unless otherwise mentioned. We update these resources time to time. We welcome your feedback.

ActivitiesResource SheetsResource SheetsResource Sheets
Bioinspired ObjectsEnglishHindiMarathi
Building Paper BridgesEnglishHindiMarathi
Evaluating TongsEnglishHindiMarathi
Familiar artefacts in a black boxEnglishHindiMarathi
Evaluating Mug designsEnglishHindiMarathi
Unfamiliar artefactsEnglishHindiMarathi
Doodling with 3D PenEnglishHindiMarathi
Making ThaumatropesEnglishHindiMarathi
Science CharactersEnglishHindiMarathi
Mystery BoxesEnglishHindiMarathi

Last Updated on January 07, 2019

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