Student Portfolio

Zine Design

Lively Linkage – 1

Lively Linkage – 2

Design a Maze

Students designed their own mazes out of the given materials.

Design a Paper Roller Coaster

Students designed their own paper roller coasters out of the given materials.

Design a Toolkit

Students’ designs to keep a mechanic from losing tools

Design a Flag

Students’ flag designs for fictional countries

Science Characters

Symbolic science characters created by students based on the description of a science term.

Mystery Boxes

Sketches made by students for designing objects for different professions.

Designing a Water Toy

Students’ design of a water toy that can move on water for at least 50cm (May, 2012)

Multipurpose Shoes

Prototypes of multipurpose footwear created by students for their summer camp (D&T Workshop, April 2012).