Worksheets and Modules

The Design and Technology Education Group have developed some worksheets and modules which teachers/facilitators can use in their class within the scope of their current school syllabus. These worksheets and modules address creative thinking, design thinking and ideation among other 21st century skills. In general, these have been designed keeping in mind middle school children.

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No Food Waste
(For Teachers)
This resource is a module which attempts to provide students an opportunity to collaborate and think of innovative solutions to avoid food wastage, using design thinking.English
Designing Newspapers by Children for ChildrenModule
(For Teachers)
This resource is a module comprising of a series of activities carried out over the duration of five weeks and the distribution of tasks per week. The activity of designing newspapers has been conceptualized to not only introduce students to the process of making a newspaper but more importantly to use newspapers as a medium for collective expression. It highlights the progressive learning of design thinking, prototyping and collaboration.English


Creativity WorksheetsWorksheets
(For Students)
This resource comprises of a set of 16 worksheets based on the topics covered by NCERT in grade 6 science textbook. Each worksheet has an open-ended creative task. There is no correct or wrong way to complete a worksheet. We have mentioned a few ideas. These worksheets are most suitable for students of grade 7 and above.English

We would love to take a look at your work and hear your suggestions! Send us your worksheet responses or photos of students’ work and we will feature your work on our website! You may email us at dnte[at]hbcse[dot]tifr[dot]res[dot]in