The research broadly falls into two strands, one design and technology education at school level, and another science, technology and society studies. The first theme focuses more on developing design and technology modules, and envision a D&T curriculum for Indian schools (primary school, middle school and secondary school). The second theme’s focus is on (not limited to) exploring possible intersections of D&T with regular science curriculum, with more emphasis on STS linkages, inclusion and diversity.

Completed PhD Projects

Project Based Learning (PBL)
Saurav Shome
Advisor: Sugra Chunawala and Jayashree Ramadas

Teaching and learning of science amongst students with visual impairments, and inclusive education
Amit Sharma
Advisor: Sugra Chunawala

Conceptualizing critical science education using socioscientific issue
Aswathy Raveendran
Advisor: Sugra Chunawala

Investigating students’, teachers’ and designers’ ideas about design and developing design activities for Indian middle school students.
Farhat Ara
Advisor: Sugra Chunawala
April, 2013, TIFR Deemed University

Investigating middle school students’ perceptions of technology and developing design and technology education units to study students’ design productions
Ritesh P. Khunyakari
Advisor: (Late) Chitra Natarajan
July 2008, TIFR Deemed University

Introducing Indian middle school students to collaboration and communication centred design and technology education: A focus on socio-cultural and gender aspects
Swati Mehrotra
Advisor: Sugra Chunawala
July 2008, TIFR Deemed University

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On-going PhD projects

Other Projects

School Science Research and Development    

Exploring other dimensions of design and technology education    

Creativity in design, science and technology

Gender in science and technology   

Science Education for Diversity Project (2010-14)

Relevance of Science Education (ROSE Project, 2003-05)