Outreach and Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Education is one of the major activities of the Centre.  HBCSE has been involved Teacher Professional Development for the SCERT, DIET Faculty (Science and Mathematics) in various states in the country.  The Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education of HBCSE elaborates our various TPD programmes. Some of the lecture and workshop themes of our group include: Nature of science, Gender and science, Project based  learning, Design and technology activities for school, Science, technology and society, Action research, Gender issues in education, Assessment and evaluation, Environment education etc. You can view D&T group’s entire list of teacher workshops here.

If you are interested in having a D&T or STS workshop organized in your school, college or organization, write to us at: sugrac@hbcse.tifr.res.in

D&T group also participates and organises several outreach activities through out the year. A number of visitors (students and teachers from various schools and colleges, pre-service teachers from B.Ed & D.Ed colleges and teacher educators, resource persons from NGOs and other academic institutes) come to the Design and Technology Laboratory. The lab has an array of activities and displays. The objective of these activities is to spark creative problem solving and expression and will give visitors opportunities to think, make and test. The activities in the lab aim at popularising Design and Technology by giving a flavour of working with hands while using your imagination.

Some of the regular activities include: Exploring familiar and unfamiliar artefacts, Exploring bio-inspired objects, evaluating product designs. For more information on these activities, visit Resources.

Open day on National Science Day

We have an open day each year, on National Science Day (February). Watch this space to know more about our upcoming outreach activities.