Anisha Malhotra Dalvi

Anisha did her Phd in Design education from Industrial Design Centre (IDC), School of Design at IIT- Bombay. Her thesis was titled ‘Investigating the effect of collaborative structures on design problem solving in children’.  She is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad where she studied Information Design. In the past, she has worked as an independent design educator teaching at various design colleges and has conducted several creativity workshops for children.

At HBCSE, her post doctoral work focuses on resource development for children on fundamentals of design.

Tel: 91-22-25072225
Email: anisha[at]



Chunawala, S., Muralidhar, A., Malhotra-Dalvi, A., & Chougule, M. (2022). Design activity book. India: HBCSE. (ISBN: 978-81-958054-0-2)

In Journals

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In Conference Proceedings

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Expository articles

Malhotra-Dalvi, A. (2022, January). Building collaborative ideation. Teacher Plus,20(1), 22-24.

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