Creativity Worksheets

The Design and Technology Lab has developed some worksheets to provide opportunities to sharpen your creativity skills! There are 16 creativity worksheets based on the topics covered by NCERT in grade 6 science textbook. These worksheets are most suitable for students of grade 7 and above.

Each worksheet has an open-ended creative task. There is no correct or wrong way to complete a task. We have mentioned a few ideas. We want you to show us some more ideas in writing and/or drawing. Try out some of our worksheets!

And we would love to take a look at your work and hear your suggestions! Send us your worksheet responses and feedback and we will feature your work on our website!

If you would like your work to be showcased on our website, you must complete at least 3 creativity worksheets and the feedback form. You may email all the documents to dnte[at]hbcse[dot]tifr[dot]res[dot]in

Here are the worksheets:

Worksheet 1    (Food: Where does it come from?)

Worksheet 2    (Components of food)

Worksheet 3    (Fibre to fabric)

Worksheet 4    (Sorting materials into groups)

Worksheet 5    (Separation of substances)

Worksheet 6   (Changes around us)

Worksheet 7    (Getting to know plants)

Worksheet 8    (Body movements)

Worksheet 9    (The living organisms: Characteristics and habitat)

Worksheet 10 (Motion and measurement of distances)

Worksheet 11 (Light, shadows and reflections)

Worksheet 12 (Electricity and circuits)

Worksheet 13 (Fun with magnets)

Worksheet 14 (Water)

Worksheet 15 (Air around us)

Worksheet 16 (Garbage in, garbage out)

Last Updated on 21 May, 2020