Megha Chougule

Megha has completed a 5 year Dual Degree BS-MS Programme from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune. She majored in Physics. Her interests include making physics exciting for school students, exploring connects of nature and science, and promoting scientific literacy.

Tel: 91-22-25072222
Email: meghac[at]



Chunawala, S., Muralidhar, A., Malhotra-Dalvi, A., & Chougule, M. (2022). Design activity book. India: HBCSE. (ISBN: 978-81-958054-0-2)

Expository articles

Chougule M., & Muralidhar, A. (2021, November-December). रंगीन द्रव पदार्थों की पहेली . Sandharbh, 80 (137), 84-88

Chougule M., & Muralidhar, A. (2021, August). Colour Columns. Teacher Plus 19(7), 6-8.