Aswathy Raveendran

Aswathy did her post graduation in Biotechnology from Cochin University of Science and Technology. Her Ph.D thesis is titled “Conceptualizing critical science education through socio scientific issues”. The primary objective of her PhD work is to bring in Science-Technology-Society (STS)concerns into the higher secondary biology curriculum. Unlike the traditional science curricula that emphasises teaching of facts and concepts in science, the STS approach attempts to teach science and technology by placing them in the larger social, political and ethical context, seeking to present science as a human endeavour that is value-laden. A part of project also involved a critical examination of curriculum documents as well as the higher secondary textbooks with specific focus on the values and ideologies that are implicitly transmitted through the science textbook particularly in the discussion of topics like health, environment and new technologies such as biotechnology.

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In Journals

Raveendran, A., & Chunawala, S. (2015). Values in science: Making sense of biology doctoral students’ critical examination of a deterministic claim in a media article. Science Education, doi: 10.1002/sce.21174

Raveendran, A., & Chunawala, S. (2015). Reproducing values: A feminist critique of a higher secondary biology textbook chapter on reproductive health. Indian Journal of Gender Studies, 22(2), 194-218.

In Conference Proceedings

Raveendran, A., & Chunawala, S. (2013). Towards an understanding of socio-scientific issues as means to achieve critical scientific literacy. In G. Nagarjuna, A. Jamakhandi and E. Sam (Eds.), Proceedings epiSTEME 5: International Conference to Review Research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (pp. 67-73). India: Cinnamonteal.

Ph.D Thesis

Raveendran, A. (2017). Conceptualising critical science education using socioscientific issues (Doctoral Thesis). Mumbai: HBCSE, TIFR Deemed University.